Enrollment in the Preschool Division and Primary Division (Level 1A only) is based on a child’s age on or before September 1st.

Tuition rates are monthly, with the exception of classes in the Community Division. Payment of tuition entitles Primary Division students to take all ballet classes offered at their level or below.

New students with previous ballet training are required to take a placement class to determine the most appropriate level; placement is based on ability and not age.

Please contact the school office at 512-894-2147 to schedule a placement class.

Class Observation

We allow class observations and schedule them once a month. We post observation schedules in advance; please see a staff member with any questions. While observing class, guests should refrain from talking, and cell phones must be placed on silent or turned off. Chewing gum, snacks, toys and drinks are not allowed in our studios during observation. Any children attending class observation with an adult must sit quietly and not disturb the class.

Class Make-Up Policy

Any primary division student who misses classes for any reason must call the school office at 512-894-2147 to report the absence. Missed classes must be made up if the student wishes to maintain the level achieved. Limitations placed on the student by a physician are respected, but all classes missed must be made up as quickly as is reasonably possible. Attendance is taken in hours; therefore, classes must be made up in hours. Please note: we recommend Primary Division students take class more than one day per week. For instance, a Level 1A student should take class at least two days a week in order to satisfy the minimum two class hours for that level—even though the two hours of class could be met during one weekday of classes.

Students who are injured may be given credit for properly completing an observation form while observing his/her class. Students who are ill should be resting at home and are not permitted to observe class.

Emergency Closings

At times, emergencies such as severe weather, fires, power failures or acts of nature can disrupt operations. In extreme cases, these circumstances may require Central Texas Youth Ballet studios to close.

Parents and students should check CTYB’s website or social media pages for announcements of closings, or call the studio to verify if CTYB is open. Information will be available by 2 p.m. It is understood that when roads are bad, many parents cannot, should not or prefer not to drive, but all classes missed because of bad weather should be made up as soon as possible.

Community Division and Preschool Division classes are delayed or cancelled in accordance with the Dripping Springs Independent School District. Please watch your local television stations for this information.


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